Ageing in a Time of Mobility

Client: Max Planck Institut for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity Website: Curation, digitalization and visualization of four anthropological researches. For the visualization of four anthropological researches I set up a website with an interactive homepage and internal pages that scroll vertically and horizontally. I also set up 12 infographics with illustrations, and […]

EncounterBegegnung magazine – Third edition

Design, layout, color selection, retouching of images, image curation, illustrations The EncounterBegegnung magazine is a project aimed at the encounter between German communities and newcomers from Arabic- and Persian-speaking countries.It is designed in all four languages, being possible to read German and English from left to right and Arabic and Persian from right to left, […]


Mundo rokooko.  Co-creator of the brand. Character design, illustration, toy design, animation, product design, souvenirs. We developed the following logo.

Picturing Encounters

Client: Tempelhof Stadtbibliothek Schöneberg, Mauerpark Institut e.V., Freie Universität Berlin Workshop convenor.  A workshop for storytellers and illustrators. Creation of a collaborative illustrated story related to the encounter between different lifeworlds (migration, refugee, travel experiences, encounters between generations, neighbors, human/non-human encounters etc.). 2018 2019 2020